Top song updates for 22/8 and 29/8

Hello! Sorry for not posting the top songs for last week. Therefore, this week’s top songs will be for the two weeks. The songs remain largely intact, but there are some changes.


Have a great weekend!


Top songs for 8/8 and 15/8

Hello! Was your short week going okay? It might be a little hard to recover from the SG50 weekend…

This week, the five top songs are chosen over two weeks because since last week is National Day, there were top National Day songs and not top “normal” songs. So this week, there are two songs by the same singer, go check it out!topsong

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Hello everyone! Happy National Day to everyone! Any goals for SG100 you think Singapore need to set? I would think they need to control the number of cars on the roads and import more buses to cope with the demand.

Last night, I went to Marina Bay Sands to watch a performance and also witness fireworks ‘live’. It was a good experience, but the view was bad. I was blocked by a shelter and hundreds of people right in front of me. I was only able to catch a part of the fireworks. But  anyway, it was a fun experience to be able to hear the actual sound of the actual fireworks!

Just now, I watched the NDP ‘live’ on television. It was a very orderly performance. Hope it will be even better for years to come!

Attached picture is some messages and reviews for Singapore and the NDP! Happy golden jubilee!

What makes us Singaporean?

Hello there! I just read an article featuring what Singaporeans and foreigners think about what makes us Singaporean. The picture shows the mostly-appeared words that came out of our mouths. What do you think? I myself think that it would be complacent, stressful and impatient…

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Top songs for 8/8

Hello SG50! Hello Singapore! Hello Top Songs! Or should say top National Day Songs…

Yes, since it is the jubilee weekend, we have come up with a list of top 10 National Day songs to sing along this NDP! Unfortunately, there aren’t any pictures of the ND Songs, so here is a list:

  1. Home by Kit Chan (NDP 1998)
  2. Our Singapore by Dick Lee (NDP 2015)
  3. Where I belong by Tanya Chua (NDP 2001)
  4. We will get there-One people, one nation one Singapore by Ann Hussein (NDP 2014)
  5. One united people by Stephanie Sun (NDP 2003)
  6. In a heartbeat by Sylvia Ratonel (NDP 2011)
  7. Love at first Light by Olivia Ong (NDP 2012)
  8. Count on me Singapore by Clement Chow (NDP 1986)
  9. We are Singapore by Hugh Harrison (NDP 1987)
  10. One Singapore by Sing a Nation (NDP 2013)

That’s it for now! It’s currently raining so perhaps when it stop you might want to go somewhere indoor, like the Science Centre! Tell everyone more about where you’re going, thanks! Continue your happy jubilee weekend!

Marina Barrage

Hello! Enjoyed your jubilee weekend so far?

Just this morning I headed down to Marina Barrage to catch the Black Knights performance. There was a massive traffic congestion starting all the way from Cecil Street after Cross Street and unfortunately, I missed the front part of the performance. There were like five or six public buses (400) inside, all single-deck and some full while some empty. Some cut short the route and u-turned back to continue the route. I could see some worried, disappointed and furious faces from the people in the buses, and of course, me.

The weather was rather uncooperative today. The god was crying all over for about three hours, making my trip there a rather wasted one.

I didn’t get to snap any pictures of it from the long line of cars and also from the sheltered area (the lightning warning actually sounded; it was blasting!) but I would say it was quite interesting. Looking forward to seeing them again on TV this Sunday!

So for people trying to go tomorrow or Sunday, you have made a pretty good decision as there are only thundery showers in the predawn hours and morning, but bring along umbrellas, raincoats and whatever you need in case the weather changes suddenly. I also advise you to take bus 400 instead of driving in. That way there will not be so much of a traffic congestion. I am pretty sure there will be quite a few buses plying that route tomorrow and on National Day.

Anyway, happy SG50 Jubilee Weekend! I will be giving updates on some attractions I visit and the National Day top songs list tomorrow. Just a sneak peek: it’s going to be very different from last week’s!

SG50 Events and Top songs for 1/8

Hello! One more week to National day! I went to see the fireworks on 1/8 and it was amazing! Look forward to seeing the entire parade on TV next week! In the Jubilee weekend, don’t fret if you are unable to grab tickets to go on holiday! There are many FREE activities going on in Singapore! Some of them include:

  • Science Centre Singapore: Free admission to six attractions – including the “Human Body Experience” exhibition, “Interplay: Where Science Meets Art” exhibition; KidsSTOP™, Snow City, The Cliff @ Snow City and the Omni-Theatre.
  • Sentosa: Free cable car From HarbourFront Station or any of the cable car stations on Sentosa Island.
  • Free access to Singapore City Gallery, SCDF Heritage Gallery, all ActiveSG Swimming Pools and Gyms, ArtScience Museum

That’s not all! There are more activities and events! Find out more:

So this NDP Preview week, it does not mean there are no more top songs! This week’s top songs are mostly new songs, but one of them is incredibly old! Check it out:Picture1

Have a great (short) week!